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How to Buy the Best Computer Power Supply

Most people have no idea what to look for when they need a new computer power supply. Most manufacturers will flaunt the wattage of their computer power supply and put in pretty lights to sell it. When buying a new computer power supply don't fall for this as there are many things to consider, especially for you gamers out there. Let's go through the things to look for when purchasing a computer power supply, including the most overlooked stat, but by far one of the most important.


Make sure the computer power supply will fit the case that you have

You must absolutely make sure you know the type of computer case you have before you go out and buy a computer power supply. The standard is ATX but there are also micro cases out there. Make sure the computer power supply will fit your case.


What power output should the computer power supply have?

Most people think getting the most powerful computer power supply is the way to go, but usually this isn't the case. Most inexperienced computer power supply buyers just look at the power output, but not the quality of the power output. We'll cover power quality later.


Simply add the power requirements of all your PC components, add 10% or so, and go with that size computer power supply.


Make sure you get a computer power supply with enough connectors

Not every computer power supply has the same number of connectors. This may be especially important to you if you have multiple hard drives or even multiple video cards. You must absolutely make sure you have enough connectors for your system.


Get a computer power supply that produces quality power

Now here's an overlooked part of buying a new computer power supply. Every computer power supply has rails. Think of these as 'mini' power supplies within the unit. So for example, a one rail computer power supply is just that, one PSU, while a 4 rail computer power supply actually has 4 power supplies within it.


Why does this matter?

Well, with 4 rails you can have one rail for the motherboard, one for your drives, one for your video card and so on. If your computer power supply only has one rail, your entire system could become unstable if the video card starts demanding more power, or even if all your drives and fans are going.

This will produce a VERY stable system which is very important for you gamers out there



Is there anything else I should look for in a new computer power supply?

There are some additional features that are included in a high quality computer power supply



Modular cable system: A computer power supply with this feature allows you to attach only the cables you need, thus reducing the clutter in your case.

Multiple fans: For you gamers, this is a must

Flashy lights: Personally I don't care about this, it only for show. BUT, it is cool when the lights are out.

Here's an example of a top notch computer power supply available on Amazon.


How much does a good quality computer power supply cost?

Well, that's hard to say, it's really based on your needs, not to mention if they are on sale or not. I would suggest reading power supply reviews on such sites as ConsumerSearch or ConsumerReports. Power supply reviews on those sites are written by unbiased users just like yourself and often times they have the lowest prices listed right there in the power supply review. You will of course find many more useful links right here on this page too.