250W- Active Power Factor Correction


Power supply with active Power Factor Correction

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    Power: 250W-Active Power Factor Correction
    20P/24P + SATA (optional) + switch (optional) + big/small fan + power cord
    With ACTIVE PFC and magnetic amplifier circuit, low ripple noise and high efficiency
    Intel 12V 2.3 version, two-12V design
    Supports Intel, AMD, quad core CPU
    Supports Intel, AMDATI, Nvidia, VIA, SIS, such as a full range of chip motherboard
    Supports Nvidia GTX28, AMD HD4870 high-end graphics cards and dual graphics card system
    Supports SATA and PATA hard disk arrays
    Super low noise with intelligent-thermal fan control technology
    100% high-temperature burning test
    100% ATE and high-pressure test
    Six protect function: OVP, UVP, OCP, OLP, SCP and lightning protection
    Comply with the Intel and AMD system
    Short-circuit protection, over voltage protection, over-load protection
    Excellent stability and reliability
    Colors: golden, silver and black
    CCC, CE and FCC marks